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"I have a number of blocks which have required maintenance works to be carried out.  Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd have provided thorough instructions to the lessees and contractors alike so that misunderstandings do not occur. On completion, works have often been inspected to ensure quality of work before payments are released. Invoices are scrutinized  and queries raised where necessary so that lessees are clear on the services they are paying for under the service charge arrangement. Right 2 Manage has also instigated major works which were well planned and undertaken in accordance with relevant lease terms and lessees expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd in undertaking all aspects of property management and maintenance services"

Mr Ellis, Local Freeholder

"Dear Right2Manage, thanks for your efforts! I think you have achieved much more in one day than your predecessor did in one year! Thanks again!"

Mr C Mitchell, Local Freeholder

"I must compliment Right 2 Manage on a very comprehensive and detailed account of the works to be carried out.  I’m happy to leave my property in your capable hands, as I am sure you will carry out the projects to their completion professionally and with expected good results."

 P Overton, Bournemouth Freeholder & Landlord

"Many thanks for sorting our problem so quickly and efficiently, we have a new threshold this morning and managed to lose no small children down the hole!! Fantastic service by Right 2 Manage over the festive season when you must have been inundated with weather damage repairs."

Sharion, Westbourne Leaseholder

"After being disappointed with our previous property manager, we decided to look for an alternative property management company in the Bournemouth & Poole area and after some research, found Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd. The provided me with very useful, in-depth information such as maintenance advice and planning, inspection visits, specialist advice for leaseholders. We also found comprehensive information on their property management fees, which was clear and concise but best of all, value for money.

In the short time we have been a client of R2M, we have already noticed a difference in the level of service we are receiving - they have carried out an inspection of the property, recognized a few maintenance issues and rectified them and forwarded a draft budget for the lessees."

K Jones, Bournemouth Leaseholder


"I can confirm Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd have been successfully and efficiently managing my portfolio of properties and freeholds. Their service and professionalism has been outstanding to both me as a freeholder.  I have been extremely pleased with all the feedback I have received and would have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Cllr P Charron, Dorset Local Property Owner 

"A very sincere thank you for your commitment, endeavours and professionalism in not only managing our block on a day-to-day basis, but for taking on our block in the first instance and greatly assisting in coordinating the much needed external restoration work to our very sad and dilapidated looking Victorian property. Keep up the good work."

B Sullivan, Bournemouth Residents Association



"Having heard so many good things about Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd, I decided to transfer my entire portfolio of properties over to them just over a year ago.  During that time, I have been greatly impressed by their professionalism and consistently high level of service.

The block management services offered by Right 2 Manage have always been dealt with without delay, they have taken care of any issues that have arisen and ensured that any repairs are speedy, prices are affordable and payments are prompt.  My experience of Right 2 Manage is that their approach to property management services is proactive and efficient and they have always shown a solid commitment in everything they do. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd in the future."

G Ellis, Local Dorset Freeholder

"Right 2 Manage provide a quality service, when dealing with our block management and maintenance issues. We are kept fully informed on what is happening with the management. When it comes to undertaking day-to-day management, maintenance and administration of blocks of flats, we would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Residents' Asociation, Harriet Court

"I have been using Right 2 Manage to manage my properties for over 7 years and have always experienced an exemplary service. Being a private landlord, I have had dealings with a number of management companies in the past and have found that what distinguishes R2M from their competitors is their outstanding commitment to customer services."

K Allsopp, Bournemouth & Poole Private Landlord 

"Over the years we have worked with many local property management agents and Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd are our preferred managing agents and now run our portfolio. Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd has, in all our dealings, been extremely courteous, prompt and professional at all times. In particular, when any issue has arisen regarding managed blocks they have been very quick to respond and resolve any issue.

Unlike many managing agents they do not make an additional charge for services such as collection of the ground rent or keeping a register of the letting tenants. They are a motivated and dynamic company who embrace any new challenges in a professional manner. We would wholly recommend Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd to any other freeholder looking to instruct a managing agent."

R Watton, Director and Local Dorset Property Developer

"For some time my property was being poorly managed by a London based company who frequently failed to perform even the most basic of management services. The level of service from Right 2 Manage has been excellent throughout, both to me as freeholder as well as the lessees and I have been extremely pleased with the feedback I have received. I appointed Right 2 Manage in April 2011 and am thrilled to say the property is now being properly managed by a company who are very proactive and professional.  Right 2 Manage have always been quick to respond to any management issues and distance has certainly not had any detrimental effect when it comes to getting things done promptly. Service charge costs are also noticeably cheaper so not only are the lessees benefitting by getting better value for money, a first class service is being delivered without compromise. I would be happy to speak to anyone who is considering appointing Right 2 Manage."

R Vaughan-Walker, Camberley Freeholder

"I have lived in my flat for some 13 years and seen a number of property management companies come and go, every time little or no long term maintenance issues being addressed but always money being collected and not spent! The building is in urgent need of external redecoration works and Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd have definitely stepped up to the mark. Since taking over the management of our block last November, urgent balcony repairs have been carried out and the flat balcony roofs re-felted ensuring that I no longer have water leaks into my flat. 

Right 2 Manage (Dorset) Ltd have put together a very comprehensive schedule of works for external redecorations which I know will commence very shortly.  Finally, a management company in charge of our block who get things done!"

CD – Lessee and Director of Residents Association of block of 5 flats in Boscombe



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